Procurement, Finance and Public Contracts

Rațiu & Partners lawyer team has an extensive experience in the general field of public contracts (procurement, concessions, PPP), whether we are talking about the public finances involved, the award procedure, the development and / or modification of these contracts.

The legal services include:

Under the careful coordination of Ph.D Assoc. Prof. Monica-Amalia RAȚIU, Rațiu & Partners lawyers offer highly professional legal services, based on a correct interpretation of the incident legislation and anchored in the doctrine and jurisprudence of the national or European Union courts.

The legal services provided by Rațiu & Partners lawyers are beneficial both to the contracting authorities (public institutions and entities) and private persons participating in the awarding procedures as tenderers and cover all the relevant stages, from planning the financing and concluding the public contract, to the procedure. award, at the signing of the contract, the development, modification and termination of the contract.

If the potential client is a contracting authority, it may be interested, for example, in contracting from Rațiu & Partners for legal services consisting in the preparation and conduct of award procedures, assisting evaluation committees in making relevant decisions during the award procedure, in writing the answers to the requests for clarifications, etc.

Regardless of the position of the potential client, Rațiu & Partners lawyers provide legal assistance and representation services in drafting, negotiating, amending and terminating public contracts, as well as in resolving any disputes (CNSC, courts or arbitration) related to the awarding procedures or the execution of public contracts.

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