Taxation, Real Estate and Companies

Rațiu & Partners lawyer team has an extensive experience in providing legal services related to issues in the fields of taxation, real estate and company law, treated separately or integrated.

The legal services include:

Under the careful coordination of Ph.D Assist. Prof. Marilena ENE, Rațiu & Partners team offers legal consultancy and assistance services in the most important aspects related to the life of a private company: internal organization, real estate and taxation. These legal consultancy and assistance services may be provided in an integrated manner and may result in performance of due diligence reports on the company as a whole or on real estate viewed individually or may be provided separately, according to customer requirements, in this respect.

In terms of taxation, Rațiu & Partners lawyers offer legal services regarding the manner the taxes are established, the application of double taxation agreements, investment tax planning, taxation of imports, contesting tax decisions, etc.

In real estate matter, Rațiu & Partners lawyers offer services related to checking the legal status of real estate, structuring real estate transactions and drafting the contractual framework, negotiating contractual clauses, assisting before notaries public and other relevant entities, etc.

In corporate matters, Rațiu & Partners lawyers provide legal services related to the drafting and amendment of articles of incorporation, the establishment and registration of companies, the drafting and amendment of the company's internal regulations and procedures, the making and recording of decisions and decisions of company management divisions, divisions, mergers, purchases etc.

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