Contracts, Infrastructure and Expropriations

Rațiu & Partners lawyer team has an extensive experience in providing legal services related to issues in the contractual field in general (civil, administrative, labor), as well as in specific infrastructure contracts or in the matter of expropriations.

The legal services include:

Under the careful coordination of Gheorghe NĂSTASE, a lawyer with solid contractual expertise, Rațiu & Partners team offers consulting and legal assistance services for drafting, negotiating, amending and terminating large-scale contracts, such as privatization contracts, credit agreements, infrastructure contracts, as well as expropriation and compensation procedures.

In contractual matter, Rațiu & Partners lawyers provide legal services related to the design and drafting of contracts, negotiation of contractual clauses, drafting and revision of contractual correspondence, drafting and negotiation of additional documents, etc.

In the matter of infrastructure, Rațiu & Partners lawyers evaluate and formulate legal opinions regarding the impediments appeared in the execution of the contracts and propose solutions meant to block the escalation of the misunderstandings between the parties and the appearance of some litigations.

In the matter of expropriation, Rațiu & Partners lawyers offer legal consultancy, assistance and representation to both the expropriating entities, for ensuring the legality of the proceedings, as well as to the expropriated persons for obtaining fair compensation.

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